Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hello readers!

Judging from your presence on this blog, you are also a movie fanatic! Whether it be a newly-released flick or a nostalgic-inducing film from our childhood, we simply cannot get enough of movies. While we can all agree on our love for movies, our opinions of them are not always so similar. Realizing that others may share some of our differing views, we decided to create this blog. This way you can see our opinions on some of your favourite films, and possibly be alerted to a movie you haven’t seen!

Each week we will review two to three movies and offer our varying opinions on them. From current-day features to older classics, we intend on appraising films from several different genres and time periods. Every Sunday we will release the titles of the movies we intend on reviewing that week. The first review of the week will be made on Tuesday, and will typically encompass one to two films from the past decade. This will be followed up with our “Throwback Thursday” event, which will involve us viewing and reviewing a classic or nostalgic film from the past.

We hope you enjoy reading our insights on these films, and welcome recommendations on any movies we should review next!

- Cody, Chris and Ellie

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