Friday, October 4, 2013

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Released on DVD this Tuesday

Tuesday, October 8

After the death of Alan’s father, the Wolfpack head out on a road trip. But when one of their own is kidnapped by an angry gangster, they must track down Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lamb.

A crash landing leaves Kitai and his father stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity to escape. With his father injured Kitai sets out on a perilous journey to signal for help, facing uncharted territory, evolved animal species, and an unstoppable alien creature that escaped during the crash.

An intruder breaks into the Sandin’s gated community during the yearly lockdown, a 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity is legalized. A sequence of events begins that threatens to tear the family apart.

Coming To Theatres Next Friday

Friday, October 11

In the fair city of Verona, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, teenage children of two feuding families, meet and fall deeply in love. In spite of the deep contempt their families have for each other, Romeo and Juliet steal away and are secretly married. But before long, a chain of events tragically changes the lives of both families forever.

The true story of Captain Richard Philips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US container ship Maersk Alabama, the first American ship to be hijacked in 200 years.

Machete is recruited by the U.S. Government for a seemingly impossible mission to fight his way through Mexico to debilitate a dangerous cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has a plan for global anarchy.

Leo, a failed writer, is made famous for his many flaws and shortcomings in a blog written by his ex-wife. He then meets the girl of his dreams on the day she is marrying another man. 

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