Wednesday, October 30, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer

With the first full length trailer of X-Men Days of Future Past being released today and having just look over the previous X-Men movies I thought I would take a few minutes today and take a look at the trailer. 

Keep in mind that this is a 2 minute trailer for a potentially very long film so it is hard to do anything other then just speculate on what might happen in this film. So instead of breaking down every second of the trailer and looking at what it could or could not mean I am just going to note a few things that I liked and a few things I am worried about.

I will start with the few things I liked 
  • It shows a much older group from the trilogy suggesting that this is based many years after the latest Wolverine movie.
  • A lot of the cast has return to fill their roles, nice not to see too many recasts
  • Did not give away any of the action, ie the Sentinals 
  • It shows how they are planning on combining the two films and it appears to be somewhat on track with the story line
What worries me
  • This movie seems to surround itself around Wolverine again, even with all of the other cast members 
  • Its trying to combine two movies all with a lot of loose ends 
  • There is a lot on inconsistencies between the two films
What this movie could potentially lead to. After seeing the preview there are two things that I noticed 
  1. In the future portion of the trailer there appears to be a temple, this could potentially end up leading to an Age of Apocalypse story line
  2. Perhapes by them changing the past the new future will have Cyclops and Jean Grey be able to come into the franchise. 
I guess we will see as more comes out leading to the movie, but this has renewed my hopes 


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